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Sampler benéfico de la Hardcore Help Foundation

diciembre 2, 2011

A colaborar, señores. Aparecen las siguientes bandas: Ragnarok (Japan), Terror (US), Born from Pain (NL), Biohazard (US), Numb (Japan), No Turning Back (NL), Deez Nuts (Aus), Billy The Kid (Costa Rica), Ruckus (US), Lifeless (US), Edge of Spirit (Japan), No Second Chance (UK), World of Pain (US), Look My Way (Ger), Brainwreck (South Africa), Between Earth & Sky (US), Onesta (Fra), Empowerment (Ger), All For Nothing (NL), World Eater (Ger), Enemy Ground (NL), The Ice (Antarctica), Stigma (US), We Ride (Spain), Xibalba (US), The Platoon (Ger), Guilty (Swe), AYS (Ger), Grankapo (Por), Six Ft Ditch (UK), Copykill (Ger), Get it Done (Ger), Overlord (Bel), Dead End Tragedy (Ger), Bet The Devil (US), Blood By Days (Ger), State of Mind (NL), Strikeback (US), Doggy Hoods (Japan), For The Glory (Por), Embraced by Hatred (Ger), Red Eyed Devil (US), Dead Reprice (Swe), St.Hood (Fin), Fallbrawl (Ger), The Departed (UK), CDC (US), 45 Stainless (Fin), Overcome (Por), The Setup (Bel), The Con (Ger) .

Lo podéis pillar aquí.



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